Jeff Taylor - Rest Time for F&J

by Lightbomber

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Jeff Taylor (who, with his band, goes by "Dumpsterhunter") doesn't make a whole ton of instrumental music. The track you are hearing here is a rarity from a guy who writes deep, lyrical, songs that yeah, they're about love, but they're also about the blackly populated abyss just beyond it.

Listening to Jeff's music, you might catch yourself latching on to a traditional "songwriter" vibe, but soon enough you'll notice Somewhere along the way, this gangly New Jersey dude got swept off the "traditional" course to a place where he had his songwriting impulses forcibly re-wired by the likes of Thom Yorke, Tom Waits (swordfishtrombones-era), H.P. Lovecraft, David Byrne and William S. Burroughs.

This is "singer/songwriter" music, corrupted to its core. His album "Frustration in Time Travel" is one we shot the cover for. You can get it on his website -

For the light up playlist, he gave us this gorgeous, propulsive instrumental, recorded on a re-wiring retreat to Pittsburgh. As a close friend (and as one who has heard 90 percent of the man's recorded output), I can truly say that this is one of my favorites.

For the cover, we stole a page out of our friend 'busylittle1way's book (whatup instagram) and sliced our original cover into 9 images. Each image was then edited with the app called Decim8, and then reassembled as an exquisite, corpse-y whole.

Enjoy. As always, its only available here.


released May 14, 2013



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Lightbomber (formerly MRI Lightpainting) created this bandcamp. We are New York-based long exposure photo artists. We reach out to our friends. They give us some music (usually unreleased), we create images inspired by the track, then post the results here for free.

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